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    We will teach you how to manage your own website so that you never again have to pay someone for updates to your website. Our system is quick, easy and powerful. We will come to you and teach you within two hours how the worlds easiest website
    R 120.00
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    As part of your Kwikwap website system you get a full web based SMS system. The SMS system has the following features: - Send to individuals on your mailing list - Send to individuals not on your mailing list - Send to different groups on your mai

    The Kwikwap Website System (content management system, CMS) has a feature where an organisation can communicate with their stakeholders. Be it a club, school, church or business, you will find our mailing lists system fascinating. The mailing list mo

    With our top of the range package (R150+VAT pm) you also get an online shop included. Similar products cost a lot more. Why is it so cheap? Well, it is simple, we don't want to try make a quick buck at the expense of our customers. We invested t

    With your Kwikwap website you get advertising space which you can use to your hearts delight to promote related businesses etc (no porn please). You can even charge people for that advertising space. You can also use "affiliate code" to earn money li

    We provide you with a quick and easy way to put some of your products and services on special. See our Special for example on website design. People love a Special! This feature also has a cool functionality where you can have one of those "anim

    The Kwikwap website system allows a client to add up to 4 Custom Pages where they can add whatever they like in whatever format.Some customers use it to show their directors for example, some people use it to show videos of their businesses, some peo

    Our websites are great for tourist establishments, especially because our websites are Google optimised and 100% viewable for cell phones.We also have a module where potential guest can do online enquiries. The Appointment Booking Module can also be

    We have created the ultimate website system for estate agents. This module allows an Estate Agent to add up to 99 properties (with six (6) pictures per property) to their website, with a quick and easy uploading facility. Once enabled you will be ass
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    The appointments booking module allows a website owner to have a link to a section where people can make appointments with you. The system has a very powerful back-end system where you choose times, activities etc (too many to mention) - it is even p

    A Website that is displayed on three different platforms namely traditional web, older generation cell phones and modern devices such as PDA's and windows mobile phones. - An innovative communications system that informs your stakeholders and
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    A club can benefit tremendously from the Kwikwap website system. Most importantly for a club is the Events Calendar because that way members can quickly and easily view events that the club is holding; a bonus being that the Kwikwap websites can be v

    Included in your Kwikwap system is an interactive forum. Forums are very popular these days, it is used by people to discuss things amongst each other. Your clients will for example discuss your products and services in a forum; while this might soun

    We have a website system for motor dealers with many nice features especially for the motor industry.This module allows an Auto Dealer to add up to 99 vehicles (with six (6) pictures per vehicle) to their website, with a quick and easy uploading faci
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    You can add videos into your Kwikwap website. You can even add videos that can be viewed from a cell phone (without requiring any conversion). Kwikwap is the leader in south Africa when it comes to mobile video technology. Visit

    With the Kwikwap system a client also gets a protected area where they can add content that is only available for registered users who log in. The content can range from anything like videos, photos, documents etc. We also do not limit you on the amo

    Community Policing Forums should have a website where they can distribute information to members. The Kwikwap websites have many features that are specifically aimed at clubs and organisations such as Events Calendar, Announcements and a Forum. Our

    The Kwikwap system was designed with "organisations" in mind and can for example show all the members with their job titles and contact details; or only selected information can be shown.The Kwikwap website system provide scools, clubs, churches, cha

    As part of your Kwikwap system you also get for free access to the Kwikwap form builder; with the form builder you can build very advanced forms to collect information. This facility can be used for just about any data collection like application for

    Pretoria is a city located in the northern part of Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is one of the country's three capital cities, serving as the executive (administrative) and de facto national capital; the others are Cape Town, the legislativ
    R 10000.00
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    Do you feel that your website is a waste of money. Do you feel that it is time that you embrace the internet (and get a website). If you answered YES to either of these questions then you have come to the right place. Please call us on 0123487254. We
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    We are looking for Agents / Consultants in Pretoria and Johannesburg (in fact the whole South Africa) to sell and implement websites for clients. We use the Kwikwap Website Creator Software to develop websites on the fly for customers at a cheap rate

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    Welcome you who is looking for the details of Kwalata Safaris in lovely Botswana; this page was made to show you how powerful the internet and a proper website can be. We would like to sell you a website that is found on search engines, a website lik

    Build Kwik Silver Lakes is not affiliated to us but the fact that you came to this page just shows how important it is to have a proper website. For example Build Kwik Silver Lakes does not have a website. Nor does Step Up Liquor near

    here is our website pricelist

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    K hklj Isioh
    2014 Website design special

    Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

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